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Everyone deals with exposure to electromagnetic wave at each home and workplace. Studies show that continuous radiation exposure could damage one’s health. in step with the planet Health Organization, a number of the common symptoms of constant exposure to electrical phenomena include:





Reduced physical attraction levels

The most in style emf protection feature used these days is electrical phenomenon stickers. These stickers are placed on mobile devices to reduce the results of emf radiation on our bodies. However, thanks to the high demand, many faux product exist within the market. Therefore, it's essential to analysis before shopping for associate degreey result on the market branded as an electrical phenomenon sticker.

What is EMFDefense Negative ion Sticker?

EMFDefense could be a protecting sticker that gives twenty four K Gold anti-radiation protection from your phone. It helps to attenuate the results of emissions on the body, like headaches, insomnia, and hair loss. The device is meant victimisation distinctive materials that facilitate neutralize any electromotive force radiation from your transportable.

You can use the sticker on devices like conductor home phones, walkie-talkies, or tablets.

What will the EMFDefense Negative ion Sticker Contain?

  1. 24K golden Metal
  2. Japanese Mineral components
  3. 32 layers Negative particle
  4. Far Infrared
  5. Mineral semiconducting material
  6. Absorbing material
  7. Self-adhesive sticker

Specifications for the EMFDefense Negative ion Sticker

  • Length: 29mm
  • Width: 21mm
  • Thickness: 0.5mm

How to Use the EMFDefense Sticker

  • Remove the tape at the rear of the patch
  • Place the adhesive facet of the patch at the rear of your device getting ready to the antennae. The antenna in most devices is found on the highest left or right. it'll facilitate reduce the radiation by over ninety fifth.
  • When putting it on the battery, guarantee to not interfere with its conductor.

The anti-radiation patch will be move the required size while not touching the merchandise options. The patch should cowl a minimum of seventieth of the battery space after you place it on the battery.

How will the EMFDefense Negative ion Sticker Work?

Exposure to electromagnetic wave will have many health effects. Most magnetic attraction stickers claim to dam electromotive force radiation that isn't valid. The stickers should cowl an oversized space and embrace materials like brass and copper to be effective.

However, the EMFDefense sticker uses a singular proprietary technology that neutralizes any harmful radiation emitting from the device. It protects phone users against any detrimental effects of telephone radiation.

What area unit the advantages of mistreatment EMFDefense Negative ion Sticker?

  • It is compatible with several devices, like walkie-talkies, mobile phones, and tablets.
  • It reduces exposure to electromotive force by ninety fifth
  • It is straightforward to put in and doesn't need any technical experience
  • It offers protection against radiation symptoms like anxiety, depression, headache, and sleep disorder
  • It doesn't interfere with signal quality

EMFDefense Negative particle Sticker availableness and Price

Several electromotive force product area unit on the market within the market these days. However, not of these product work exactly because the EMFDefense sticker. Therefore, the inflated demand for the merchandise has semiconductor diode to the invention of many faux product claiming to be the initial EMFDefense sticker.

To combat copycats, you'll be able to solely purchase the EMFDefense Negative particle sticker from the official website to make sure you get a real product. it's not on the market in any retail or on-line store. getting on the official web site permits you to relish unimaginable discounts. If you order currently, you’ll receive 3 stickers for the value of 1 – simply $29.97!

All orders keep company with a 90-day money-back guarantee. unhappy consumers will claim a refund inside 3 months once their initial purchase. client service may be reached via:

  • Email: hi@youremfshield.com
  • Address: 275 North Main Street, 1195 Centerville, UT 84014

EMFDefense Negative particle Sticker Final Word

Exposure to magnetic attraction fields may be dangerous to one’s health. Therefore, it's essential to scale back and minimize radiation exposure. The EMFDefense Negative particle Sticker helps reduce the result by neutralizing the radiations emitted from mobile phones. it's straightforward to put in and doesn't interfere with the signal. Visit the official website to order your EMFDefense Negative particle stickers today!

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